Iron Horse Park

Be a Volunteer at Iron Horse Park.

Much of the work we do at Iron Horse Park can be classified into two categories. One category relates to ongoing operations, while the other relates to special projects. Much of the operations related projects require lots of effort and is where most volunteers can participate.

Activities include but are not limited to:
  • Mowing the vast amount of lawns using both ride on and push mowers,
  • Weed control using "Weed Wackers", scythes, or just plain digging and pulling,
  • Station maintenance, cleaning, and organization, especially when Birthday Parties are happening,
  • Set up and Take down during run days,
  • Platform management and "crowd control",
  • End of Train conductors to help with public safety,
  • ...and so much more

Special projects come and go rapidly and are usually accomplished by full time members. However there are times where we sure could use a hand with many related tasks. Recently completed projects include:
  • Participating in Supertrain, Casinos, and other events driven by Airdrie and the overall community,
  • Design, construction, and installation of electric track switches, signals, and crossings
  • Construction of new sections of Track and maintenance of existing track,
  • Maintenance of our many electric and gas hydraulic locomotives,
  • Construction of access top our new Engine House, which was built in 2017
  • ..and, again, so much more
Work days for volunteers are generally as follows:
  • Run days, which are every Sundays between May Long and Thanksgiving weekends, between 10AM and 4PM
  • Most Wednesdays, weather permitting, pretty well all year round, between 11AM and 4PM
  • Many Saturdays, weather permitting, pretty well all year round, between 11AM and 4PM
  • And many other days where members who have access to the park show up to work on special projects as needed.
Tree planting is just one of the tasks we need help with.

Principles and Ground Rules for Volunteers at Iron Horse Park.

  1. AMES Appreciates and is very thankful for any and all effort you provide.
  2. SAFETY is our first Priority. Always work safely. Speak to your lead if you have ANY concern whatsoever.
  3. Your schedule is very important to us. Please keep us informed as to how much time you are available for. If not known, stay as long as you want to. DO NOT feel guilty if you have to leave earlier than planned. Just keep us informed so that we know to look out for you when you are around. Check in with one of us (your lead) when leaving, just so we know.
  4. Tell us how your day went. Are you willing to come back to do this again? If not, how could we have made your day more rewarding or worthwhile?

Guidelines regarding Junior Volunteers at Iron Horse Park.

  1. Junior volunteers (age 16 and under) are normally expected to be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian who is expected to supervise the activities and behavior of the volunteer.
  2. An exception to the above rule MAY be allowed. If a Junior volunteer has proven to be mature and responsible, at some point he or she may be allowed (subject to the agreement of several members) to forego parental or guardian supervision. Such a volunteer must always be accompanied by two or more members unless parental signoff has been provided in writing.
One of our junior volunteers helping with morning operations set up.
To volunteer for any of the many tasks needing to be done, send an email to or contact anyone on our Contact Page.

Here is a link to our joint Volunteer/Membership form. Membership Application Form
Fill in the form and mail it to the address included on the form. Or better yet, drop by Iron Horse Park on one or our open run days.