Iron Horse Park

History of the AMES and Iron Horse Park.
Key Milestones from Present to Beginnings in 1971.

This is a work in progress as we try to reconstruct the history from members recollection, old news letters, and other assorted documents.

Last updated: June 21, 2012.

Date Milestone and comments.
2011, November City of Airdrie passes a resolution which will permit AMES and Iron Horse Park to remain on their current site until 2027.
2009, September Opening of the Mountain Subdivision. This course adds an extra .5km to our mainline Track
2009, July Opening of the Centennial Bridge (Trestle) which will give access to the Mountain Subdivision.
200?, ??? The Station is essentially complete and starts being used for club purposes.
200?, ??? Permits are issued and the construction of the new Station and workshop commences. The design of the station replicates an actual CPR station typical of the prairies.
1997, ???? The City of Airdrie grants permission for an 11 Acre Parcel of land to be used by the Alberta Model Engineering Society. This later becomes known as Iron Horse Park.
1971, June The Societies Registry of Alberta grants the Calgary Model Engineering Society its charter.