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A&NC 5 "Wren" class 0-4-0 Industrial Narrow Gauge steam locomotive

Dave drining the Wren at the Airdrie Children's Festival, May 2022.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name":5 "Wren"
Locomotive Type:0-4-0 Industrial and Construction Narrow Gauge steam locomotive
Scale:3" scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Steam Pressure:100 psi maximum 80 to 100 psi normal operating
Cylinder Diameter:X-y/z inchesPiston Stroke:??? inches
Tractive Force:TBD poundsValve Gear:Inside Stevenson valve gear
Weight:TBD poundsBoiler:Standard, all-welded steel construction with copper tubes
Length:TBD loco onlyWheel Diameter:? inches
Fueled by:Propane (originally Coal)Made by: Alan Cole and Bill McCready Oregon USA
Sound:Steam Whistle. No sound card
OwnerAlberta Model Engineering Society. Acquired ??????????
Additional Information:
When this engine was built in 1985, a second engine was also built at the same time. Our Wren was originally purchased by a member of our club Bruce Winter, who sold to another member Mike G. It was eventually acquired by our club. The second engine is still operating and is owned by a member of the BCSME club in Burnaby BC.

As for the real Wren locomotives:
Of the several standard types of industrial locomotives built by Kerr, Stuart & Co. Ltd., the "Wren" was the smallest in size yet the largest numerically. No fewer than 163 were produced before the company closed down in 1930.

Dave and the Wren #5, driving car, and propane car sitting in the yard compound area.
Photo by Terry Meier. Halloween run, October 2022.

Photo by borrowed from The Kerr Stuart “WREN” Class article and Website by Geoffrey Horsman.

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