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Privately owned Motive Power Sometimes Seen at the Park

A&NC 9 "FB9" 2-6-0 Fitchburg Northern

Getting ready for a first run.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name": 9 aka FB9
Locomotive Type:2-6-0 (Mogul) Narrow Gauge Logging engine
Scale:2-1/2 inch scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Steam Pressure:120 psi maximum 100 to 110 psi normal operating
Cylinder Diameter:1-1/4 inchesPiston Stroke:2-1/4 inches
Tractive Force:???? poundsValve Gear:Stevenson
Weight:~300 poundsBoiler:6-5/8, welded steel
Built by E. Perry (2002)
Length:6' 6" Loco & Tender +
48" Propane-Driving car
Driver Diameter:5 inches
Fueled by:Propane (originally Coal)Built by: Dr. Eric Mortis (1999). Plans and castings from Allen Models
Sound:Steam Whistle. No sound card
OwnerRayV. Purchased October 2015
Additional Information:
The engine when purchased ran OK but was not optimal. With the help of many other club members, as well advise from the Fitchburg Northern Facebook group, this engine run really well. However like most steam engines, it takes time to learn how to drive it.

The original engine ran on coal which is no longer permitted at our park because of grass fire concerns. I therefore needed a railcar to carry propane. So I went all out and, in addition to holding a 30lb propane tank, the also contains an electric water pump and an electric vacuum pump (and a 12v small engine battery, and charger. Also a comfy seat.

The necessary controls have been extended.

Link to a YouTube Video: Click here to watch

Cab photo showing extended controls and original "Tiger Torch burner.

RayV and FB9 leaving the station and passing Croft Hollow crossing.
Photo by Terry Meier.

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