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Locomotives owned and used at Iron Horse Park.

CN 6218 "Northern" 4-8-4 Mainline freight and Passenger steam locomotive

The Northern in it's original appearance. Photo taken in 2007.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name":6218 "The Northern"
Locomotive Type:4-8-4 U-2-g Confederation Mainline Passenger steam locomotive
Scale:1/8 scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Steam Pressure:120? psi maximum 100? to 110? psi normal operating
Cylinder Diameter:X-y/z inchesPiston Stroke:??? inches
Tractive Force:TBD poundsValve Gear:Walschaerts
Weight:~1,200 ? poundsBoiler:Standard, all-welded steel construction
Length:?' ??" loco onlyWheel Diameter:? inches
Fueled by:PropaneMade by: Mason's Trains, Chilliwak BC, in 2005
Sound:Steam Whistle. No sound card
OwnerFormerly owned by Bruce Winter. Acquired by IHP April, 2015
Additional Information:

The actual CN 6218 is on static display at the Fort Erie Railway Museum, Fort Erie, Ontario.

Link to a YouTube Video: Click here to watch



Photo from the Wikipedia Website. Dearborn Station in Chicago, IL on November 20, 1966.
Photographer unknown.

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