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AV 5427 "K4" 4-8-4 Mainline freight and Passenger steam locomotive

Up on a steaming bay for initial inspection.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name":AV (Assinaboine Valley)5427 "PRR K4"
Locomotive Type:4-6-2 K4 Pacific Mainline Passenger steam locomotive
Scale:1/8 scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Steam Pressure:120? psi maximum 100? to 110? psi normal operating
Cylinder Diameter:X-y/z inchesPiston Stroke:TBD inches
Tractive Force:TBD poundsValve Gear:Walschaerts
Weight:TBD poundsBoiler:Standard, all-welded steel construction
Length:TBD loco onlyDriver Diameter:TBD inches
Fueled by:PropaneMade by: ???????
Sound:Steam Whistle. Bell sound card
OwnerFormerly owned by member Ralph Steeves. Acquired by IHP January, 2024
Additional Information:

This locomotive build was originally started built by ....... of ..... in YYYY.
The locomotive was finally completed in 2007 by a member of the Assinaboine Valley Railroiad club of Winnipeg Manitoba. The owner generously offered his locomotive to AMES in essentially working order in the fall of 2023. Though some tuning is required, we plan to have it running at the park by mid summer 2024.

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) K4 4-6-2 "Pacific" was its premier passenger-hauling steam locomotive from 1914 through the end of steam on the PRR in 1957. Four hundred and twenty-five were built between 1914 and 1928 at the Altoona Works in Atoona, Pennsylvania.

Link to a YouTube Video about the PRR K4's: Click here to watch


Compare with the photo below. This model is definitely a faithful reproduction..

Photo from the Wikipedia Website. Washington DC, Mid 1920's.
Photographer unknown.

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