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CP 5400 "Mikado" 2-8-2 Mainline freight and Passenger steam locomotive

Inspection upon arrival at Iron Horse Park, October 15, 2019.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name":5400 "Mikado"
Locomotive Type:2-8-2 P2f Mainline freight and Passenger steam locomotive
Scale:1/8 scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Steam Pressure:120 psi maximum 100 to 110 psi normal operating
Cylinder Diameter:X-y/z inchesPiston Stroke:??? inches
Tractive Force:TBD poundsValve Gear:Walschaerts
Weight:~1,200 ? poundsBoiler:Standard, all-welded steel construction
Length:?' ??" loco onlyWheel Diameter:? inches
Fueled by:PropaneMade by: Ernie Beskowiney of
Sound:Steam Whistle. No sound card
OwnerAlberta Model Engineering Society. Acquired October 2019
Additional Information:

The actual CP5400 was built in November 1928 by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW). It was listed as scrapped as of March 7, 1961 at Angus Shops Montreal, Quebec after 32 years and 4 months of service.

Ricky participating in familiarization and training sessions.

Photo by Stan Styles borrowed from Old Time Trains Website.

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