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Locomotives owned and used at Iron Horse Park.

A&NC 1605-1606 "Green" - Dash 9 Mainline Diesel Locomotive

1605 ready for another hard days work pulling passengers on an interpretive journey.
With VIA 6407 on stand by.

Characteristics of this Locomotive
Loco number or "name":A&NC 1605 in tandem with sister 1606 "Green"
Locomotive Type:Mainline Engine prototype operating on many roads.
Scale:1/8 scaleTrack gauge:7-1/2 inch
Year acquired:200?Wheel Arrangement:C-C 3 driving axles / truck)
Tractive Force:TBD poundsMotors:Single Gasoline engine to power hydraulics
Weight:TBD poundsPower:Hydraulics power both engines
Length:116 inches X 2 locos
in tandem
Wheel Diameter:6 inches
Fueled by:GasolineMade by: Titan Trains of Boones Mill, VA, USA
ControlerTitan Train XXXXXXOther:
Sound:Mechanical Bell, Electric horn
OwnerAlberta Model Engineering Society
Additional Information:

With all 12 pairs of driving wheels in contact with the track, this is pretty well our most effective engine in terms of pulling capabilities.
Some years ago we attached all 15 of our riding cars to 1605-1606 and pulled over 120 passengers in one train.

A rare sight of 1605 operating without 1606 in tandem. Passengers are the
Calgary Stampede princesses visiting during stampede week.

A Dash 9 operating for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad
n Denver to Stockton freight service out of Rocky, Colorado, on April 23, 2002.
This Photo is Copyright and borrowed from Rail

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