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Railway hobby related items FOR SALE by our members.

This is available for sale to members and to the general public.

7-1/2" Steam Loco, Cars and Cargo Trailer.
Surrey, B.C.

Modern Mogul built to 7.5 gauge in 1984 with Little Engines castings. The propane fired all copper boiler has a longer fire box, a 4 pass super heater and a balanced needle valve throttle. Hydro test to 190 psi is valid until Feb. 22, 2019. The 2 safeties are set at 125 & 127 psi. Super Scale parts are 2 econo injectors, 2 injector starting valves, 2 water supply setting valves, 1 atomizer valve for setting the vacuum ejector, and 3 boiler check valves. The Loco Supply parts are 1 red stripe sight glass complete with blow down valves, 2 brake valves ( 1 for the locomotive steam brakes and 1 for the train vacuum brakes ) and a vacuum ejector. Tender and all cars have brakes. Engine has steel tires. Last ran June 15, 2018. Ran great.

Trailer is a 2011 Wells Cargo, 7700 lb. GVWR, 7 x 12 foot, 6 inch over height, tandem 3500 lb axles with electric brakes and equalizer hitch. There are 7 storage tracks each 135 inches long. Each track has 3 car clamps, 1 for each end drawbar pocket and 1 for on the drawbar between the 2 cars. These 3 clamps lock the 2 cars to the rails. I have never had a derailment while traveling. Package price engine, tender, propane boxcar, hopper car, gondola car, caboose, and trailer $22,000 cdn.

Please contact Rob. Burgess via email at or call him at 1-604-817-6424.